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Welcome to Fly Craft Angling Adventures!   


Improve Your Stillwater Sucess. Download the Stillwater Fly Fishing App.

Stillwater Fly Fishing App


Have you ever wanted to spend a day on the water with me and Brian Chan? Here’s your chance to have us join you!


We are excited to announce the release of our long-awaited Stillwater Fly Fishing App. Together, we have combined our 80 years of experience fly fishing for trout and char in lakes to develop this valuable educational tool.  This App will become an essential tool in the toolbox for anglers of all skill levels.


Our app is broken down into six chapters covering such topics as the freshwater fishing regulations for all states and provinces, entomology, leaders and knots, techniques and tactics, equipment and favorite stillwater flies. Each topic is presented in a video format that can be easily downloaded and saved to your mobile device.


Once downloaded, our video tips can be watched anywhere.  No Wi-Fi connection is required to view the tips once they have been downloaded.


Topics include: 

-How to fish a drop-off

-How to use a throat pump

-How to fish the hang

-Choosing chironomid pupa patterns

-Along with camera tying of over 40 proven stillwater patterns

This is just a small sample of the over 140 (and growing) video tips provided within this App.


New tips are added monthly, so you can continue to increase your knowledge base and most importantly put them to use when you are on the water. 

Please select the appropriate smartphone to download and subscribe to this collection of stillwater fly-fishing knowledge.

Stillwater Fly Fishing App                Stillwater Fly Fishing Store


I am Part of the Dr. Slick Pro Staff Team

I am proud to be part of the Dr. Slick Pro Staff Team. 

Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers was founded in 1989 by Dr. Kenneth A. High, a urologist and passionate fly-fisher.  The story – perhaps apocryphal – is that he had grown tired of using poor quality fly-fishing hemostats (clamps) and scissors, so he “borrowed” some from a hospital’s surgery department.  His fishing friends thought that was “pretty slick” and the company was born.
 Following Dr. High’s retirement in 2009, the firm was purchased by long time general manager Steve Fournier and some employees. 

 Today, under Fournier’s direction, Dr. Slick produces some 300+ fishing- and fly tying-related products including various models and sizes of scissors, pliers, clamps, retractors, nippers, hook files, necklaces, fly floatant, hair stackers, titanium and ceramic fly-tying bobbins, hackle pliers, tweezers, whip finishers and dubbing tools, as well as a growing OEM and custom manufacturing division.

For more information please visit the Dr. Slick website.


Conquering Chironomids Volume II 

Building on the concepts and techniques covered in Conquering Chironomids Volume I-Strike Indicator Techniques, this next installment is designed to take you to the next level. In Volume II-Advanced Techniques Brian and I introduce you to deep water indicator techniques using non-stretch leaders, floating lines coupled with long leaders, aka the naked technique, using both slow and fast sinking lines, droppers and dry and emerger tactics.

In addition to the main DVD content there is lots of additional information available in the special features section including How to Use Your Humminbird Sounder, Maintaining an Islander Reel, information on Mystic's M-Series rods and Outcast's new Stealth Pro pontoon boat.  There is also a complete selection of fly images and recipes, many of which we used during the filming of the various on camera segments.

Here is a short teaser our cameraman/editor Barry Acton put together. Enjoy!




Conquering Chironomids Volume I. 

Brian Chan and I are pleased to announce the release of our instructional fly fishing DVD “Conquering Chironomids Volume 1”.  Brian and I are fortunate to be recognized as leading educators in the field of fly fishing in stillwaters.  Our latest effort takes advantage of a combined 60 years of experience in fishing lakes and in particular our fascination with mastering chironomid emergences. 

Volume 1 is focused on fishing with strike indicators, one of the most effective ways to fish chironomid larva and pupa. This DVD is broken down into 12 chapters that cover a wide range of topics including the chironomid life cycle, equipment selection including rods, lines and reels, leaders and their construction, how to use a throat pump, selecting the right strike indicator, casting tips, depth sounders and anchoring,  presentation tactics,  recognizing takes and selecting the right fly.   The special features section of the DVD offers a selection of our favorite larva and pupa patterns with tying recipes. Many of the patterns we feature are currently available through our on line Stillwater Fly Fishing store.  In addition the special features section includes animated graphics detailing our favorite knots including two versions of the non-slip loop knot.

At over 70 minutes in length, Brian and I have packed in a ton of information that will hopefully shorten your learning curve as you conquer chironomids. Once hooked on chironomid fishing it will become an obsession!

Conquering Chironomids Volume 1 is available through Brian and Phil's Stillwater Fly Fishing Store for $19.95. 

Dealer inquiries are also welcome.


Stillwater Fly Fishing Shop On-Line Store is Open for Business

For a number of years now people have always been asking good friend Brian Chan and I at shows, our seminars, through email and social media where they can find stillwater specific products.

Brian and I are pleased to announce that our new online Stillwater Fly Shop is now open. Presently, you can find all of our books, DVD's, Quick Release Indicators, jig hooks for balanced flies along with a complete selection of our favorite stillwater patterns.

We will also be adding new products on a regular basis so please check back often. If you have a specific stillwater need please let us know.  Perhaps we can source and add the product or products for you. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated so please enjoy.

You can access the store directly through the 'on-line' store link located along the left margin of my website or proceed directly to the store.
The link is also available through Brian's website too.


I Have Fly Rods!

I am pleased to announce that I have Mystic four piece M-Series fly rods, either 5, 6 or 7 weight 10' 3" rods for sale at Stillwater Fly Fishing Store.  These rods retail for $499.00, feature a lifetime warranty and come with a zippered rod tube.  

On many occasions I am asked what are my stillwater rod preference and what rods do I take out with me on the water.  My answer is Mystic M-Series, typically one 6 weight and one 7 weight. 

I have had the good fortune to cast and fish with a variety of fly rods.  Most of these rods have been a pleasure to use but in recent years I have been using Mystic Rods for all of my stillwater fly fishing.  When it comes to fly fishing lakes my fly rod has two key purposes, the ability to provide efficient effortless casts and the backbone to battle the large spirited trout productive lakes are famous for.  Without a doubt, Mystic’s M-Series rods meet these two criteria.  These are medium fast action four piece 10’3 inch rods that cast floating to fast sinking lines with ease.  Their long length allows you to steer and control fish once hooked. The butt section has the power to deliver long casts and battle large fish yet the tip is soft enough to protect tippets from aggressive strikes and surging runs. The M-Series rods provide beautiful roll casts, a presentation technique I use often when fly fishing lakes, particularly with indicators.  

I let my students or clients when guiding use one of my M-Series rods.  Their casting technique and enjoyment on the water improves instantly.  They soon share my affection for the M-Series rod.  At times it is difficult to get the rod back.  Many of them have gone on to purchase their own M-Series rod.  I think you should too.


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