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Epoxy Buzzers

Clear Water Pupa-Dark Olive
Designed by Phil Rowley

Clear Water Pupa, Epoxy Buzzers, Phil Rowley, chironomid patterns, chironomids

Hook:                 Daiichi 1120, 1130 or 1150 #10-#16
Thread:              MFC 8/0 or UTC 70, Olive
Rib:                    Fine silver wire or a single strand of silver Crystal Flash or Flashabou
Butt (Optional): Red Holographic Mylar
Body:                 Frostbite, Dark Olive
Wingcase:         Pearlescent Mylar
Wingpads:         Stretch Floss, Orange, Uni Mylar Peacock/Orange or Holographic Mylar, Orange
Thorax:             Tying Thread
Gills:                  UV2 Sparkle Yarn or Uni-Stretch Floss, White

Tying Notes:  For size 14 or smaller use a Crystal Flash or Flashabou rib to maintain a slim profile.  Tie this pattern using a variety of body and rib color combinations.  Mylar wingcases work best in algae stained waters.

Most stillwater fly fishers possess a comprehensive collection of chironomid pupa patterns. Through the correct use of throat pumps and macro photography we now know more about the nuances of chironomid pupa than we ever did.  The trapped air and gases emerging pupa use to aid their ascent and final transformation to winged adult is a key feature, providing a mirror-like translucent sheen or aura.  

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