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The Bone Collector

The Eyes-n-Tubes Bone Collector-Olive
Designed by Kenzie Cuthbert

      Daiichi 2546 #4-#6
Thread:   Olive 6/0 or 8/0
Antenna: Root Beer Crystal Flash
Legs:       Olive/Black Sili Legs
Butt:        Gold Mylar
Eyes:       Black, Size 2.4 gr, 20mm length, Eyes-n-Tubes “Y”-Tube Eyes
Body:       Olive Polar Chenille
Wing:       Tan Pseudo Hair or Craft Fur

Tying Note:  This pattern also works well in white and pink

During the winter months many fly fishers head south to pursue bonefish  Destinations such as Cuba, Christmas Island, the Yucatan, Belize, Florida, the Bahamas and even Hawaii are popular haunts to introduce yourself to a fish known affectionately as the, “Ghost of the flats”.

Crazy Charlie style patterns suggesting small crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp are popular choices for the saltwater fly box.  The basic ‘Crazy Charlie’ style has spawned countless variations.  One of the best is Kenzie Cuthbert’s Eyes-n-Tubes Bone Collector, a simple pattern that possesses a critical quality.  Like a falling cat Kenzie’s Bone Collector always lands on its feet or perhaps more accurately its eyes.  No matter the depth, Kenzie’s pattern flips over in an instant providing a perfect presentation, even on skinny shallow flats.  The materials Kenzie blends into his simple deadly pattern breathe and move in the subtlest of current suggesting life. Convincing the wiliest of bonefish they are staring at the juiciest crab or shrimp they have seen in a while.

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