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The Double Bunny-A Rabbit Sandwich

Double Bunny (Barred Tan over White)
Designed by Scott Sanchez

Hook:             Daiichi 2220 4XL Streamer, #2-#4 (Weighted)
Thread:          MFC 6/0 or 140 Denier, White
Body:             UV2 Mysis White Dubbing
Back/Tail:      UV2 Jailhouse Rabbit Zonker Strip, Sculpin
Belly/Tail:      Rabbit Zonker Strip, White
Lateral Flash: Pearlescent Flashabou
Eyes:              Prism Molded Eyes

Tying Note: The Double Bunny can be tied in a myriad of color combinations to match a variety of fish species, light conditions or as bright attractors.

Scott Sanchez’s Double Bunny is a simple creative amalgamation of two rabbit strips cemented along a hook.  Since its initial inception, Scott’s Double Bunny has caught well over 30 species, has spawned countless variations and is a three time winner of the Jackson Hole One Fly Competition.  If you like chasing predatory fish the Double Bunny is a fly box must.

Rabbit strips, either regular Zonker or wider magnum cut, are primary Double Bunny ingredients.  Zonker cut strips are best suited for smaller Double Bunny’s, size #4 or smaller.  Wider magnum cut strips are ideal for larger Double Bunny’s, size #2 or greater.  The width of the magnum cut strips better envelops the hook shank, body and weight on larger flies.  When using wide magnum strips, Scott recommends carefully trimming the tail of the Double Bunny to a point to improve the ‘swim-ability’ of the fly.

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