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Fly Tying

Balanced Flies
Suspending flies beneath an indicator is stillwater presentation staple. The challenge with most flies, with the exception of chironomid pupa patterns, is the unnatural vertical manner in which they hang. Most stillwater prey moves horizontally. Spokane Washington fly fisher Jerry McBride recognized this failing developing the balancing techniques my balanced flies are based upon.
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Dubbing Loops-Part 1
Dubbing is the spinning of fur, synthetics or other materials with or onto tying thread. With strategic use of a dubbing loop fly tiers can create a wide variety of features on any fly pattern.
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Paint Brush Collars
With the proliferation of detailed get up off the table and walk fly patterns the suggestive patterns appear to have fallen out of the limelight. Yet when it comes to hooking fish there is little doubt that suggestive patterns coupled with proper presentation techniques remain a lethal combination.
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Working With Frostbite
Without a doubt the most frequent line of questioning I receive surrounds Midge Braid and Frostbite. Where to get it and how to use it?

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Knotted Pheasant Tail Legs
Fly fishers have always been attracted to lifelike get off the table and walk patterns. It seems if a pattern has legs, eyes and other realistic features it has to fish well. While this is not always the case patterns appealing to the fly fishers natural sense of order inspire confidence.
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Doubling Materials
One of the challenges with writing “how to” articles and books is articulating what is clear in my mind but perhaps not so clear in the mind of the reader. This became painfully apparent when describing the various tying steps in my book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters.
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Maximize Your Effort
For many fly fishers winter is a time to reflect on the past season while trying to turn dreams into future plans for next year.
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